An Ode to the Asshole Cat That Wouldn’t Leave the HDB Flat Someone Else Was Trying to Move Into


Stupid asshole cat.

Are you trying to fly again, my dear?
You’re brandishing the broomstick like a man on a mission,
staring out at the boundless sky, where the lady in the moon
is awaiting her replacement.

Shoot up the bedroom,
eat the remains of the day
if there is a scream left, throw it out the window
I will still be here, always here.

You are dancing in the living room,
stirring up the dust mice, shaking up the grout
I will chase them away, the rats and the roaches
just for you.

I trip over the same spot every morning.
A little ledge before the kitchen,
just before you drop.
It is the threshold that gets me, every time.

Slowly and shakily, shivering into a stop
I avoid the puddles on the floor,
deadly to your sightless eyes. I will admit it,
if I had known they were sighless before

I am afraid, sometimes.
The broom swishes unpleasantly
the bristles land on my back,
but I’m still here, so it must be okay,

you are the only home I have left.
If you are flying, take me with you
if you want to dance, I will take your hand
if you fall, I will pull you up as many times as it takes,

Just don’t leave me-

I left a dead mouse
at the foot of your missing bed.

I hope that can be enough. I hope that it was enough.

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