Sidewalk Puddle

– To the first friend. I wonder what you’re doing now, I hope life is treating you well these days. Written for Day 1 of SingPoWriMo 2018, which took place in April. We were challenged to write one poem every day for a month. I completed 23 days.

Each day, a new prompt would be released to help us with the writing process. Here is the prompt this poem is based on:

THE H20 PROMPT by Stephanie Chan
Write a poem about a body of water.

#SEASTARBONUS: Read about its history/geology. How was it built/formed? How old is it? Does this information change how you think about it?
#FISHBONUS: write about the body of water as if it was a person.
#LETTERINABOTTLEBONUS: the poem is addressed to the body of water.
#PARTOFYOURWORLDBONUS: you have at least two conflicting feelings about this body of water.
#SHAPEOFBONUSBONUS: write it from the perspective of the body of water. Or a mythical or real thing that lives in it.

It would be
a fine proposition
if you ask that we
get dirty right now
bare feet on wet asphalt
bubbles of laughter
tree-broken wrists mending
in the curled lips
of our appalled mothers

Throw your umbrella
and run with me, friend
splash all the puddles
kick mud into our eyes
in the red wellingtons
your mother bought for us
this void deck
would be just wide enough
for just us two

Catch a cold
be fed herbal soup
under the dry warmth
of my comforter
and my mother’s stern gaze
giggle at each other
our secret in our joined hands
and listen to the soft
pit-pat, pit-pat
as your moving truck departed

I have given away
the red wellingtons
from your mother
to charity
and i put up my umbrella
and listened to children
splashing in grassy puddles
and i will only think
of your mud-stained face
our fish tank playground
and us, in the rain
never wanting for the calm.

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