An Afterword


And you are afraid that I am not staying forever
Even though nothing is forever
And I am too small and naive
Too full of wild dreams
To settle down with forever

And you are too bold and fragile afraid of even the slightest squeeze
Even though our relationship had always been a cancelled sneeze
We have started every incomplete sentence with full stops
You have broken bones in your wake as you wander along with my hands in yours
I am so young.

And you are holding on to a fading image
Even as I walk further away you are holding my hands
You fade into background noise without realising
And I am too toxic and naive and young
And tired and difficult and broken
And battered and weathered and my bones ache

To just follow an incomplete sentence
To wherever it may lead
From your doorstep to home
Wherever that may be.

(You told me to write you into my art.
Please don’t think I’ve forgotten
Or that I’d ever forget.
You were the best heartbreak I ever had
No one else will ever quite break my heart like this
So soft
So gently
So damply.)

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